Ozark Wilds...Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri

John L. Ebeling

Internationally Published, Winner of National Awards,

Selected to be in WHO'S WHO IN ADVERTISING,


"One of the Best"

Meeting Every Photographic Challenge



Established 1973 (over a third of a century). Lake aerials (over a quarter century). We already have aerials of most places on the lake and many scenics. Orginator of the Family Lifestyle Photo Essay the Ultimate Photo History. A photo Essay of Your Time at the Lake Preserves the Good Times. Personal Portraiture is a responsibility. Do it for Those Who Care for you.

Award Winning

Creative Photography

by John L. Ebeling
Ozark Wilds
 21300 Highway 5
P.O. Box 142
Versailles, Mo 65084

John is one of the finest photographers in America. He has chosen a lifestyle that makes him affordable, if he is available. His eye for composition, his creativity and desire for variety allow him to be adept in portraiture, commercial photography, photojournalism, scenics, wildlife, aerials, etc.
The studio's motto, "FOR THOSE WHO CARE," has two meanings. First, when putting creative effort into photography one wants to be working for those who want and appreciate outstanding results. Second, and most important is the realization that the photography serves beyond the person paying for it. For example, a personal portrait is for those friends and relatives who care about the person being photographed and often those not yet born.
John has a way with people and has helped thousands who have "never had a good picture taken" accomplish personal photography that is truly them at their best. He guarantees such results or the sitting fee is refunded. There is no COUNT DOWN SYNDROME. As John says, "people can't bear down and get a pleasing expression within a set number of photos taken." John doesn't count, he goes to work accomplishing many good shots. Since, he is not worried about using film, if there is something his clients want besides the main reason for the sitting he does the photography without additional charges.
He originated and claims copyright to the, "Family Lifestyle Photo Essay". So far as is known he is still the only photographer offering it. It is a pictorial history of family members sharing life together. It becomes a family treasure and heirloom.
John knows photography is important to the caring family. That is why he will do family portraits during holidays, when it is the only time all the members can get together.
Having a background in shows and exhibits, advertising and public relations, he helps businesses in these areas and produces postcards, brochures, posters, catalogs and news releases
John teaches photography. Has over 100,00 stock photos(35mmKodachrome). His work has been published by leading publishers as: National Geographic Society,Smithsonian, Audubon Society, National Wildlife Federation, Natural History, etc.
He has over 50,000 aerial photos of places on or near the Lake of The Ozarks. If you have a place on the lake he probably already has an aerial photo of it.
If you need photography, you need John Ebeling the photographer "FOR THOSE WHO CARE".